SIASA Logistics was founded in 1998, with 1200 m2 of docks spread over an area of ​​100,000 m2. Today, several years later, we have a floor area of 46,000 m2 in more than 120,000 m2 of its own.

Throughout these years we are concerned not only by increasing m2 of warehouses, but also have a computerized inventory control, cargo handling, forklifts, cranes for containers, truck fleet, perimeter alarm system infrared cameras and CCVT.

We set up a logistics company based on three fundamental concepts:

We offer dynamic and flexible solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements of each client. This will enable you to work quiet, comfortable and comply with their obligations quickly and effectively. We preserve intact our superation spirit, working every day to give an excellent service to all our clients.

Visit the digital library of SIASA. You will find our latest house organ and all previous ones to be able to recall notes that have been of interest to you. _GO

Visit SIASA from the air. A very interesting video to enjoy and have another view of our plant. _GO
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In SIASA Logística we implemented the placement of 68 solar panels, which feed us 33% of the usual electricity consumption. _GO

At SIASA we believe in VALUES, we believe in people and that is why we encourage them to develop them in the best way. The good coexistence between peers is fundamental to enjoy each day of work. _GO
In SIASA we take care of our people, that is why as part of the internal communication, this 2017, we began to develop a series of booklets with HEALTHY ADVICE (Only spanish), which address different topics related to health so that we can each day be a little better . _GO




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