We take care of your merchandise with the best and latest technologies, not just talk about the theft of attentive care to them, but also in issues related to temperature (in case of goods that requires it) and fire.

Physical and electronic security

We have a system to monitor armed 24 hours, 365 days a year, and access control, equipped with emphora system, control of rounds and panic buttons.

The entire perimeter is monitored by an intrusion detection system, laser IP security cameras, and can even monitor the interior of the Docks. We also have electronic barriers around the perimeter of the facility.

In addition to the above measures we have perimeter fencing Olympic perimeters of concrete and wire security.

Fire Safety

We have:
- Alarm system connected to smoke and fire control office.

- Fire fighting system, with water tank of 130,000 liters. and an extension of the light pipe trestle 6 "forming a ring around the perimeter of the surface of the building, with metal boxes carrying sleeve and spear carriers. Ña rage has an electric pump with 75m3/hora of cudal and pressure of 80 mts.

- Door fire emergency with anti-panic lock of Italian origin.





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