The sense of belonging is to feel part of a group, a society or an institution, it has its origin in the family as it is the first group we belong.

To be faithful to the group and following its rules identity and security is given, the more secure the person feels, the higher its community feeling and be more willing to follow rules of coexistence.

Each achievement is a bit to the institution and is also building ourselves and our society. When we have a sense of belonging and satisfaction we may be able to live in a better environment, because nobody cares what not value.

This makes the places and the tools we use are optimal, we are thus facilitate tasks and makes it easier to meet our goals.

Each of us should take care of everything that represents the institution because it has an important meaning, a philosophy; of which we are part. Feel pride gives us worth.


Is vital in any activity understand that the labor market behaves changing way , so we must be aware , with professionals working with us possess the flexibility that allows us to adapt to these changes , in order to thus achieve increased productivity .

Companies must be flexible and adaptive , this requires major structural and functional changes , supported by strong leadership .

Leading change is a complex process. To do so it must have :
- Courage to take risks and commitments.
- Capacity .
- Credibility , to drive new solutions.

Companies need to be increasingly flexible to adapt
quickly to changes in their environment.


A high-quality institution must keep their spaces clean ,
tidy and functional .

It is good companion always leave spaces used as one
would like to find on arrival.

This added to the way of dealing with his teammates ,
either superiors, peers or who are at our command should
always be done in a climate of absolute respect , keeping
a clear and friendly communication.


Ethical codes are the behaviors that govern people in an organized society . It is mainly formed by the pillars of commitment , honesty and respect.

You need to have a new perspective with an integrated vision into three dimensions; property , norms and virtues, a better way to get to justify any organized project can have a good end result .

When the standards are well developed by people with what they propose they are the result of successfully obtain the deployment of virtues. This requires developing the virtues in society that is based on responsibilities through training plans , evaluate performance and highlight the values ​​, establishing audits and a system of awards for his accomplishments and sanctions for their violations to transmit and enforce the commitment of its conceptually ethical values.


The continuous improvement process is a twentieth century concept that aims to improve products , services and processes.

the identification of all processes and measurable analysis of each step carried out when there is growth and development in an organization or community , is necessary. Some of the tools used include preventive corrective actions, and analysis of satisfaction members or customers.

Continuous improvement can be carried out as a result of an escalation in services or as a proactive activity by someone carrying out a process .

It is highly recommended that continuous improvement is seen as a sustainable activity over time and regularly ; and not as a quick fix against a specific problem .




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